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Clary Coffee

Guatemala, Ixlama

Guatemala, Ixlama

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Guatemala Ixlama. This coffee holds a ton of sentimental value for me. When I was first learning about espresso, a fellow barista pulled me a shot of Ixlama on a manual machine. I remember it feeling like I had just bitten into a caramel apple. Deep, rich caramel with a zip of green apple acidity so clear, I felt like a kid at a candy shop. 

With that being said, we’re honored to bring on this coffee by way of Balzac Coffee Importers of Charleston, SC and Guatemalan based Transcafe. 

Grown in the shade of the Huehuetenango mountainside, and meticulously washed and sorted, this offering represents the best that Guatemalan coffee has to offer. Grab a bag and engulf your palate in clean, smooth, chocolatey richness. 

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