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Clary Coffee

Colombia, UVI Lot

Colombia, UVI Lot

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A great fall and winter drinker, as the leaves fall and the seasons change. This coffee tastes like nostalgia. Expect a warm, chocolatey body paired with a spiced apple bake.

This coffee comes by way of Unblended Coffee in Colombia. Unblended exists to make coffee farming an exciting career path for young people. In an country where the average age of a coffee farmer is pushing 70 years old, and only going up - it is critical; no - it is necessary; that we instill the disciplines of sustainable coffee farming into the next generation so that we can continue to learn from and cultivate the earth.

This lot is Unblended's recruitment lot, a blended offering representing coffee from multiple farms new to the Unblended funnel. This serves as a way to support local farmers in Colombia, while exploring opportunities for further partnership, mentorship, and collaboration.  

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